Babylon Tower

I was asked to make a tower something more than a tower and my solution was to create an inviting photobooth that took pics of your head, body and torso and randomly generated hybrid bodies of participants across an 80' x 20' canvas.

I also wired a microphone on top of the structure and put speakers all the way down and let the voices speak for themselves.

This was in 2008 and I got credit as a co-designer in the book Burning Man: Art on Fire by Jennifer Raiser.

I designed the Photo Booth, code and acted as the Creative Projects manager during this time.

Eli rodriguez babylontower

Onsite Photo

Eli rodriguez babylon111

Pre-game conceptual tinkering

Eli rodriguez babylon8

Night Shot

Eli rodriguez babylon9

In action

Eli rodriguez babylon11

Build out

Eli rodriguez babylon12

Build out