New for 2019:
1. Currently there are 36 artificial window cavities that we plan on filling with brand new ‘pixel’ control lighting. A product from ‘Cool Neon Lighting’ in Oakland California; they’re long time Burners who live and breathe lighting. (approx. 3,000 ‘pixels’)

2. In addition to the window spaces, we will also decorate the existing ‘flames’ on the front of the bus with the same product which will add approximately 250 pixels to the front end of the vehicle.

3. The perimeter of the bus will also be selectively highlighted with approximately 200 additional pixel lights.

Which equals about 500 square feet of NEW LIGHTING

Eli rodriguez bm1

On the Playa

Kazbus 2019 Lighting Renders

Eli rodriguez screenshot281
Eli rodriguez screenshot282
Eli rodriguez kazbus all

Design Process

Eli rodriguez 20180416 104315

Interior textile work outsourced

Eli rodriguez 20180416 104322

The switch dock next to the steering wheel and to the right of it controls all the external lighting and fog machine...lasers etc.

Eli rodriguez 20180416 104354

Front view 2018

Eli rodriguez 20180416 104136

Hard to get it all in one pic huh? This is the drivers side.

Eli rodriguez 20180416 104155
Eli rodriguez 20180416 104231