I created Meowzer while deep in a sketching war with my 5 year old son. He kept drawing his bad guys with big guns and I just wanted to have a character that didn't have to 'stoop' down to blowing shit up. You know...the kind of cool cat that can lounge on his throne and brush the little things off.

The scene is made of assets sculpted in MasterpieceVR and composed in Tiltbrush with some added affects before rendering in Marmoset.

Eli rodriguez screenshot074

'Meowzer' on his Throne

Eli rodriguez screenshot071

The fur was added with Tiltbrush

Eli rodriguez meowzerflyingtowards at beach

Earlier version of Meowzer using stock materials in Marmoset.

Eli rodriguez closeupmeowzer

Early version of Meowzer with less of a 'sonic' feel. Maybe this is the 'Super Saiyan' look. To be decided.

Sitting on top of the World