Portal Warp

This image was made from a screen shot of the animation shared in my previous entry. The beautiful thing about screen shots is that they don't take any effort to create and they're tons of fun to manipulate. Especially when they are screen shots of the worlds and characters you compose yourself.

To recap, the character whose named Meowzer was sculpted in Medium and decimated to about 50k triangles or so and animated in Tvori. This is a VR based workflow I'm experimenting with. The materials for the character were made in 3D Coat and applied in Marmoset.

FOR THIS image, I ran the screenshot thru a website called Deep Dream Generator where you get to filter your image file against an AI whose referencing an image of your choosing. The image I choose was my Tiltbrush painting also on my Artstation called Grito De Dolores.

I stacked a few layers of these image outputs from DDG and made the final tweaks on an app on my phone called Snapseed.

Eli rodriguez meowzersquare

I then used Snapseed to pull the depth out and add drama.

Eli rodriguez swirllym

Since the pic was meant for Instagram. I expanded the canvas in Affinity Photo to a 1 to 1 ratio and then used the warp tool to stretch the image out.

Eli rodriguez swirllym

An example of the Deep Dream Generator output. 1 of 3 mixed

Eli rodriguez eli rodriguez screenshot183

This is the original screen shot