Grito De Dolores II

This is a really fun project where I made this original painting in TIltbrush:

and ran it through Deep Dream Generator.

I then got that psychedelic version and used it as a reference for sketching out a background. Once I had a new background and a client approved final composition I once again fed it through Deep Dream. I felt like a mad scientist, using deep dream patterns to inspire my own strokes and then reflecting back into the machine that fed it to me... and BAM!

It's crazy even describing right?

Eli rodriguez final hi res dolores

There was one final pass through Deep dream and then a fair bit of touch up in Affinity Photo. I am VERY satisfied with the end result which is being used as a Mexican Independence Day graphic for Mi Casa Tequila.

Eli rodriguez doloresv7

With a Deep Dream image already processed and imported into Tiltbrush, I used that new psychedelic version as a reference for this 3D background.

Eli rodriguez finaldolores

I took a screen shot of the Tiltbrush art and ran it through Deep Dream for this image.

Eli rodriguez screenshot 267

A close up of the mosaic style.

Eli rodriguez screenshot 271

Zoomed out early version.

Eli rodriguez untitled 76 05

This is part of the initial concept which didn't make it to the final version.