Cave of Wonder

This is artwork made for the current Artstation challenge. I made the scene in VR with Tiltbrush and rendered it in Marmoset. Post process with Affinity Photo. If you look carefully at his hands you'll see he's making a heart <3

Called this Buddha Lovers because I'm listening to Bone Thugs while writing this.

VIDEO: VR 3D to 2D workflow

Eli rodriguez final buddha

Final Version get's some LUT treatment.

Eli rodriguez buddah final

Adding brush strokes and textures in Affinity Photo.

Eli rodriguez screenshot177

This is a straight Marmoset render before post.

Eli rodriguez screenshot174

Building out the lights

Eli rodriguez screenshot168

Base materials added. I left them pretty monotonous because I intend to color with light.

Eli rodriguez buddha callout final

Call out